WATCH IT: The Hot And Steamy Book Trailer For 50 Shades of Chicken

Categories: Really?!?!?
BDSM as applied to poultry--there's one description I never thought I'd write. 

There's a new cookbook called 50 Shades of Chicken, inspired by the steamy book that had soccer moms hiding under the sheets with their Kindles. Recipes include Mustard Spanked Chicken, Learning to Truss You and Dripping Thighs.  

"I'm gonna bind your ankles to your tail so your juices will build and build inside you," reads the Sean Connery-esque narrator in this trailer featuring a hot set of abs and a raw chicken. "I'm going to stretch the twine around your breast, pressing your limbs tightly against your sides."

Food porn suddenly has an entirely new meaning.

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