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Yes on 37 - CA Right to Know
Proposition 37, the Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Food Act, is one of the more controversial items on this Tuesday's election slate; the whole foods movement and a whole slew of chefs and food industry people support it, and the "no" side is funded by large companies like Monsanto and Hershey.

Californians deserve the right to know whether their food contains genetically modified organisms (GMO); currently, the default assumption has to be that it does.

What's the big deal about genetically modified food?

Monsanto and their ilk would have you believe that genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our food are there to improve the taste and quality of the food. After all, if a strawberry is tasty, a strawberry genetically modified to be sweeter and juicier would be better, right?

The truth, however, is that food, particularly base-line grains like maize (corn), soybeans, and wheat, is genetically modified mostly to make it productive on a massive scale. Think about the strawberries you buy in a grocery store versus the strawberries you buy at the farm stand. The grocery store strawberries have been modified to withstand long-distance shipping, and to withstand onslaughts of airborne pesticide that make it easier (read: cheaper) to control pests. Corn seed is sold as "Roundup Ready", meaning that it has been genetically modified to withstand glyphosate, sold as Roundup, a powerful herbicide. It's daunting to think that a plant has been genetically fortified to withstand a product whose sole purpose for existence is to kill plants.

No, it's clear, taste is eleventh on a list of ten reasons seed companies modify the genes of their seeds. American farmers are growing crops bred to produce as much as possible without any regard for whether the farming techniques used are safe, or whether the genetic modification causes other issues.

That just means that consumers should buy organic, right? Organic food must be non-GMO, right? After all, it's organic, which is a secret hippie code word for "okay to eat", right?

Sometimes. The USDA allows several different kinds of "organic". If it says it is 100% organic or has the USDA organic seal, it means that in addition to being free of added hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides, it is also completely GMO-free. If it merely says "organic", however, up to 5% of the ingredients by weight may be conventional or GMO. If it says, "made with organic ingredients", the allowable weight of non-organic or GMO ingredients goes up to 30 percent.

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In all honesty Dave you swing my vote on this! Since I started running triathlons earlier this year I have become more conscious of what I use to fuel my training... This is where the little hippie in me comes out!


Can you trust a company with this track record? Monsanto, the main beneficiary of our eating GMOs and the main funder of the No side is responsible for these other fine products that were called perfectly safe and whose detractors were laughed at:

-DDT, Finally outlawed by congress.

-Agent Orange, caused millions of birth defects in Vietnam where it was sprayed and in American servicemen who got lung cancer, cancers, arthritis and myriad other diseases, plus had deformed children.

-Pesticides. We know about their effects.

-PCBs Outlawed by Congress. Caused massive pollution that can never be cleaned up, thousands of cancers and destroyed Times Beach, Missouri where it was sprayed to prevent dust and Anniston, Alabama where the plant was located.

-Genetically Modified Bovine Growth Hormone. Contains IGF-1, a strong carcinogen. Banned in every country on earth except the U.S. It's illegal to say "Contains no RBGH" without adding "there is no difference between milk with RGBH and without"...that's the only regulation.

-Roundup. Kills fetuses and causes prostate and beast cancer. Mostly from the "inert" ingredients.

-Genetically modified food, found in 80% of all processed food in the market. Want to avoid it? You  can't  unless Prop 37 passes.


Your average 18 year old has been eating GMOs all their life. Is this generation healthier than the last? 1 in 88 kids now has autism. Used to be one in 1,500. Kids are dying after eating one peanut. Adult onset diabetes in children. Puberty at 10 years old, Babies with weird rare cancers. Pink ribbons everywhere. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, shaved heads, acid reflux, Crohn's disease, arthritis, thyroid disease, gluten sensitivity, all these "new" diseases. Horribly expensive medications.

Hamsters fed genetically modified only diets are mostly sterile in the third generation. See how many fertility clinics there are out there now? What will you say to your granddaughter decades from now when she can't conceive?

 "We believed we were protecting some grocer somewhere from a lawsuit so we didn't vote to label genetically modified food" "We kept on eating it and didn't pay attention."  "I'm sorry Honey.... Maybe you can adopt a child from China?"

Proposition 37 the freedom to know what we are eating.

p.s. There were no safety studies. 90 day rat trials. That's it. No on 37 is free to rebuke me by positing a link to a peer reviewed human trial. There are none.


Don't just vote. Call your friends, send a note to everyone on your address book, your page and even that old Aunt up north. Tell them to vote Yes on 37.

Have questions? See this: www.geneticroulettemovie.com

Don Gotti
Don Gotti

Monsanto. That's all you need to know.

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