Live "Body Sushi" Art Show December 1: Start Your Tuna Jokes

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You've seen it on TV, but have you really seen it up close and personal? Sexy, artsy and live. That's what you'll get an eyeful of if you attend Sushi Studio Arts' second annual event this Saturday.

Dress to impress at this special event where "all of your senses will be stimulated" by sushi chef Nyotaimori and his feminine canvases like the one pictured.

At $65 a pop, these are pre-sale only. Most guys typically respond favorably to the words body and sushi, but if you're still curious, a promotional video can be found here.

Start time is 7 p.m. at 11101 Condor Avenue, Fountain Valley, For more information regarding this event, visit Sushi Studio Arts. Who wants a crunchy roll?

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