Dave Reviews OC Yelp Reviews, Part 3

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Welcome once again to the den of poor writing, poor taste, and poor judgment known as Yelp Orange County. This week's edition runs the gamut from reviews obviously written by stringing together CAPTCHA challenges, inside information on those seedy Vietnamese bars, and people who accidentally happen upon great cocktails.

As always, if you read a particularly worthy Yelp review, send it to me, either in the comments, or via e-mail--just click on my name in the byline above and then the "E-mail author" link. Tell me in the e-mail, too, if you want a hat tip should I use your suggestion.

Rosa S.'s 4-star review of Chyll Restaurant & Lounge

We'll start off with a good review--one written by someone intimately familiar with a sub-sub-subset of Vietnamese cuisine that even most food reviewers are unfamiliar with. It's daunting to go into a quan nhau (a Vietnamese bar), because there are rules and cultural cues that you won't know unless you work there or you're a Vietnamese guy.

It would have been better to give an explanation of what the atmosphere of a quan nhau is, given that there are at least six non-Asians who are members of Yelp. For those who are wondering, they're dark, they're full of Vietnamese girls with bad boob jobs (hint: the nipples aren't supposed to point upwards from the top!), and they're the old-boyest of old-boy clubs.

It's encouraging to know they have good shaken beef, though--that stuff is awesome.

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