Now There Is Wasabi-Flavored Vodka

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In what has the potential to be both an amazing sinus clearer and entertaining bar bet, there is now wasabi-flavored vodka. Created by Oddka, a new brand by Polish vodka company Wyborowa, the fiery spirit is a "tribute to the spicy burn of the sharp Asian condiment." 

We'd love to see the expressions on the brave taste-testers. We imagine they'd look something like this:  

Oddka is the inventor of other offbeat flavors, including apple pie, fresh-cut grass, salty caramel popcorn and "electricity." Yeah. Shrug. The new line will launch in select states, including Alabama, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, before expanding globally in the spring of 2013. The suggested retail price of a 750 ml bottle is $15.99. 

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