Behold: The Hexaflexagon Taco!

Surely you've seen the hexaflexagon YouTube video by now. The short speedy clip, which makes math actually entertaining and mind-bending, was released in October and went viral, now earning north of 4 million views. 

It propelled its creator, vihart (full name Victoria Hart and self-described mathemusician) into the limelight, though she was already a heroine to math educators for her "Doodling in Math Class" videos where she explains fractals and Fibonacci with elephants, camels and pine cones. 

Now she's put out another video, a recipe for a hexaflexagon taco using a strip of tortilla, which is also going viral as we speak. Just watch what happens to that guacamole! 

Taco Bell, don't get any ideas!

See the video below.

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