Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Carjacking Leads to Police Chase, Arrest!

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So you know how all the hip kids now say "YOLO"? Turns out there's a Yolo Bypass in Arkansas--and that was the place where a group of idiots were caught after carjacking a car from Taco Bell.
And the story:

A man and woman out of Arkansas were arrested Monday following a carjacking at Taco Bell that led to a car chase into the Yolo Bypass area. 

The man, 34-year-old James Hammons, is being held at the Monroe Detention Center on six felony warrants and criminal charges from the carjacking incident. Sara Lee Mathews, 39, was also arrested for an outstanding "No bail" warrant out of Arkansas. 

The chase started after a carjacking at the Taco Bell in East Davis. Prior to the carjacking, Davis Police ran the license plate on a car that was parked at a nearby Motel 6. That car came up stolen.

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