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Ever wonder what it's like to work in food service, retail stores, or really any customer-facing job? Just read the reviews of pretty much any business on Yelp and you'll see the heaping helping of entitled behavior you'll be subjected to on a daily basis. Of course, everyone wants perfection, but even perfection is not enough: if you don't smile with exactly the right amount of flirtation in your smile, you'll be dinged.

Take a moment to give thanks if your income doesn't rely upon the stingy largesse of the denizens of Yelp (in the form of tips), and read the next installment of our reviews of Yelp reviews.

Harry L.'s 2-star review of Portola Coffee Lab:

It's no secret that we love Portola Coffee Lab around here. If you ever want to find your local OC food writers, just walk into the OC Mart Mix. It's also no secret, though, that Portola's mad-scientist shtick flies over the many people's heads.

For all that I don't agree with the rating, this is actually a reasonable review. It raises legitimate complaints, like the wait for coffee and the complexity of trying to order what for most people is a means to an end (caffeination). I frankly have trouble trying to decide how I want my coffee brewed, and usually leave it up to the staff. The review is a little bit discursive (like a conversation), but it's Yelp; tight and bright third person is not in scope here. Harry L., you get a gold star.

Catherine Q.'s 2-star review of Costco:

It sets my nerves on edge to read someone's writing when they're exposing facts that absolutely everyone else knows and being upset by them. Costco has been in business since Travis Pastrana flew out of his mom's womb on a motocross bike and is the fifth largest retailer in the country; since its inception, they've required memberships, sold absolutely enormous packages of their goods (twenty pounds of chicken, anyone?), and forced their intensely loyal clientele to do the Receipt Checking Walk of Shame on the way out the door. Please stop being shocked and butt-hurt by something everyone knows.

Also, it says you'll never return, but you have two check-ins there. Please explain this time anomaly.

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