Palsaik Samgyupssal, Korean Restaurant Famed For Its '8 Flavors Of Pork Belly,' Comes To OC

Matthew Pih
The Korean BBQ can be a blissful, albiet predictable, experience. We've come to expect the trusty usual suspects--kalbi, bulgogi, brisket--along with dipping sauces and banchan galore.   

But the newest Korean BBQ restaurant on the block has a divine specialty: pork belly. Palsaik Samgyupssal, a famous pork belly restaurant in Seoul, will open its second U.S. location in Buena Park, Eater LA reports. The owners are targeting a year-end opening. 

Palsaik Samgyupssal has become a favorite in Los Angeles' Koreatown since it opened last year. Its most worshipped dish is "Eight flavors of pork belly"--eight thick slices of belly lined up in order of pungency: unmarinated, ginseng, wine, garlic, herbs, curry, miso and hot. 

The Korean word for pork belly is sam-gyeopsal. Writes Jonathan Gold in his 
review of the LA location:

You know you have found a samgyeop-sal joint when you see happy pigs dancing around the restaurant's logo, pigs that think they're just going in for a little free lipo. You know you have found a samgyeopsal joint when you see customers stagger out into the night, lips shining with grease, perhaps wishing that pork belly wasn't quite so well suited to the overconsumption of soju.

Can't wait to get that belly in our bellies. 

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