Korean 'Nong Shim' Instant Ramen Recalled For Containing Carcinogens

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Nong Shim's Neoguri variety was found to have the highest amount of the cancer-causing carcinogen. 
Nong Shim, the Korean maker of cheap and addictive instant noodles that are best purchased in bulk, is facing a recall. 

Tests performed by the Korea Food and Drug Administration found that six Nong Shim ramen brands, including Neoguri and Sang Sang Noodle, contain benzopyrene, a carcinogen that has been linked to lung, stomach and other cancers. According to The Korea Times, the findings were revealed in June, though the Korean FDA just issued a recall on those six varieties today.   

Taiwan health officials have already followed suit by recalling two products from Nong Shim's Neoguri series, which contained the highest levels of benzopyrene in lab tests.

The news is depressing for college students, starving young professionals and anyone who lives off the MSG-laden meals in a bowl (or plastic wrapper). Those things are so damn tasty.   

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