Another New Ramen Joint Opens in Costa Mesa; Replaces Peruvian Chicken Restaurant

Professor Salt
Kohryu's Ramen
Let's count them, shall we: Santouka, Yamadaya, Mentatsu, Kohryu, Jinya, Daikokuya. These are what makes Costa Mesa the ramen cauldron of Orange County. I don't think there is any other town within our borders with a higher concentration of ramen joints and I'm not even counting the restaurants that serve ramen as part of the rest of the menu. Now, we can add one more to the list: Ken Ramen has taken over Inka Grill, the Peruvian rotisserie chicken purveyor that I reviewed not so long ago.

The menu seems basic and simple, which is exactly how you want your ramen shop to be. Tonkotsu, that milky soup culled from long-simmered pork bones, is the broth of choice, topped with 2 slices of chashu, green onions, menma (bamboo shoots) and kikurage (wood ear mushrooms). A bowl with noodles and all of the above will cost you $6.95. Gyoza and fried rice round out the offerings.

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Tonkatsu is not a "milky broth", but a deep-fried slice of pork traditionally served with cabbage and a dark worchester-dominated sauce. 


@OCWeeklyFood Too many of the same category. This really does not bode well for any of the other Ramen Restaurants.

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