INFOGRAPHIC: Which Professions Drink The Most Coffee?

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Addicted to java? Blame your career.  

Dunkin' Donut and CareerBuilder conducted a joint survey on U.S. coffee consumption trends in the workplace and released a list of the top 15 professionals who need coffee the most. Any guesses who takes the No. 1 spot? Hint: It's not this guy. 

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Coffee blog I Love Coffee displayed the results with this nifty infographic. Take a look: 

Scientists and lab techs, eh? Makes sense. They're always on call and their brains are constantly churning with science-y things. PR folks are No. 2. No wonder why they're so perky all the time. Writers are in the top 5. Yep, we can believe it. Deadlines, deadlines--WHERE'S MY ESPRESSO SHOT?!--deadlines.      

Did your profession make the list?  

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RocketJ topcommenter

Hard to beleive IT did not make the list..


@MychelleMarkets Too funny! Do all those coffee breaks make us more perky? I might argue just more awake.

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