Four Sea, A New Chinese Breakfast Restaurant, To Open In Irvine

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The Chinese breakfast at Champion
Anne Marie broke the news that Sushilicious in Irvine closed suddenly earlier this week. But just as that concept fizzled, a tipster told me about another restaurant that's close to opening across the same parking lot.

Four Sea Restaurant is a Chinese breakfast specialist that has branches in San Gabriel and Hacienda Heights. It will have some competition. There are so far, at my count, two places in the immediate vicinity that offer Chinese breakfast: 99 Ranch and Champion Food Company. 

Expect the same here: hot soy milk, deep fried crullers and all the wonderful starchy things that a billion or so people enjoy in lieu of cereal and Egg McMuffins.

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They're actually a Taiwanese breakfast, they do have a lot of influence from Northern China, but there are Taiwanese items on their menu, at least at the two other locations there are.  Also, Yu's Garden also serves Chinese breakfast.


Don't forget A&J down the street.


Seconding Dave on the jook.


But will they serve jook? That's my holy grail: a place that opens early (meaning 7 or 8 a.m.!) and serves jook at that time.

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