Five Spectacular Jack-O-Lanterns That Will Put Your Carving Skills To Shame

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Steve Barthelemy
The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular takes each fall at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. It's a mind-blowing event that displays some of the most brilliantly carved pumpkins, making us want to down our 99-cent carving knives and ditch our triangle-eyed happy face designs for good. 

This year, the theme was "All the World's a Stage," featuring scenes from iconic and popular movies, Broadway hits and television series. Check out these five truly amazing jack-o-lanterns. Visit the Spectacular page for more details and photos. 

1. Gandalf
Steve Barthelemy
2. Iron Man
Steve Barthelemy

3. Gone With The Wind
Steve Barthelemy

4. Cthulhu
Thumbnail image for pumpkin-cthulu.jpeg
Steve Barthelemy

5. Indiana Jones
Steve Barthelemy

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