Student Nurse Accidentally Kills Patient By Injecting Her With Coffee Instead Of IV Fluid

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Coffee addicts may long for a java IV-drip but there is now proof that this is a very bad idea. 

A student nurse in Brazil has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter after accidentally injecting a patient with coffee instead of IV fluid. The patient, 80-year-old Palmerina Pires Ribeiro, died hours later. 

"I saw my mother was agitated, she opened her mouth, and this youngster put coffee with milk into the veins of my mother. Half a glass," the victim's daughter Loreni Ribeiro described. 

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The student nurse, Rejane Moreira Telles, had just three days of work experience before administering the drip, a procedure she was not trained to do. She appeared on Brazil's TV Globo's Fantastico saying, "Anyone can get confused." Perhaps she needed more coffee. 
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