WATCH: A Sneak Peek Of Anthony Bourdain And David Chang's New TV Show

Two culinary bad boys. One badass TV show. 

The Mind of A Chef is a new series premiering Nov. 9 on PBS. Produced by the Zero Point Zero of No Reservations, the show will be narrated by Anthony Bourdain and explore the "the kitchen, the world, and the mind" of hell-raising New York City chef David Chang.

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Eater has a full list of episodes, which all sound fascinating. In one, Chang "visits a noodle factory in Japan; eats the best bowl of ramen in his life; and, cooks two incredible dishes with the instant ramen variety." In another, he explores the theories of food preservation, cooking with space food while his pastry chef makes a corn cookie using freeze-dried ingredients.

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I really want to see this, but I can not find the listing to DVR it. PBS seems to be many different channels. I have DirecTV and have tried to find this series. Can you please let us know what channel or station it will air on in S. California and on what date and time?

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