3,000 Bottles of The Bruery's Black Tuesday Sell Out in 10 Minutes

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The Bruery
Had a slow internet connection this morning? Well, you missed it. 

Today was the release of Black Tuesday, The Bruery's infamous 19.2% ABV barrel-aged imperial stout, dubbed the holy grail of high-alcohol beers. At 10 a.m., 3,000 bottles were made available on the brewery's website, and at 10:10 a.m., all 3,000 bottles were sold. The limit was two bottles per person.  

Many turned to The Bruery's Facebook page to celebrate their luck or bemoan their misfortune.   

One commenter wrote, "I am in the dentists chair getting a tooth pulled and trying to buy it with my phone. Phone froze and it was sold out by the time I could get back in. Bummer. Now I have a hole in my mouth and no Black Tuesday." 

Another added, "No worries, 2,700 of them will be on eBay in about 15 minutes."  

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