The Kamikaze Kitchen Debuts First Episode With Chef Ben Ford

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Friend of the blog, Weekly contributor, author of Deep End Dining and frequent Good Food contributor Eddie Lin and Valentino Herrera of Trippy Food have unleashed the first episode of their "Kamikaze Kitchen" project.

The point of the show, in case you missed it, is to drop in on chefs at their restaurants, give them a brown bag with a secret ingredient to cook and see what happens.

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The first episode, which features Chef Ben Ford of Culver City's Ford's Filling Station, who also happens to be the son of actor Harrison Ford (you need to know this to understand the funniest part of the video), starts out with snicker-worthy ingredient (if you share my juvenile sense of humor) and includes interludes where Lin is popping and locking on a street corner. Go Eddie! Go Eddie! Go Eddie go!

Watch it below!

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