Woman Claims To Have Lost 85 Pounds By Eating All Her Meals At Starbucks

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MSNBC reports that a 66-year-old woman has lost 85 pounds by eating all her meals at her local Starbucks. She has an oatmeal and coffee in the morning, and resorts to those pre-packaged boxed meals in the display fridge for her lunch and dinner. It's all about those nutritional labels, she says. It allows her to keep close track of her caloric intake.

A dietician that MSNBC interviewed for the story, of course, says this diet is probably not a good idea and that the woman risks malnutrition by sticking to one restaurant source for all her meals. But the woman claims that "Nothing hurts anymore. I used to attributes some of my aches and pains to aging. I have no medical issues whatsoever. I just feel like a kid again."

Not to mention like a certain Jared Fogel.

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