From 'Chinx' to 'Mc StinkyNigger': Five Racist Restaurant Receipts

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 "Ching" and "Chong" at Chick-fil-A

Tumblr user lolwut
Asian students from UC Irvine received these receipts at a local Chick-fil-A. The employee was dismissed and the company issued an apology, stating that the "unthinking behavior of a young team member at one of our restaurants does not support any claim or even suggestion of racism at our restaurant."  

"Nigger Don't Tip" at Dominos    

A North Carolina woman found the phrase on her receipt. The driver was fired and the woman received more than a dozen threatening phone calls. 

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At least of these were from 2010...The most recent one, being the Hooters in...uh NEW YORK, not California, not the O.C. You guys REALLY 'fish' for stories, don'tcha? And to top it off, one receipt has the word nigger blurred, yet on another it is plain as day. Agreed that people like this are scum, but to "Create" a story to make it seem this is happening everywhere in O.C. or abroad is absolutely ridiculous. It isn't an epidemic here, folks. It's a few bad apples, and will not detour me from eating at these establishments by any means.

Alex Lynch
Alex Lynch

As a white man, I feel left out as well... :(

Don Mexico
Don Mexico

i feel like i should complain because i feel left out. where's McWabby or Beaner King? :( stay classy, OC. you represent ameriKKKa well.

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