[UPDATED with Video--*Vomit Alert*] Two OC Eaters Tackle The Entire Taco Bell Menu In One Sitting

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UPDATE: Aaaaand now we have video. See the end of this post. 

You know how you're filled with regret every time you scarf down a Taco Bell burrito? Now multiply that by, like, a gazillion. Then you've got the insanity that was last Sunday's challenge for two competitive eaters.  

Naader "Freak8R" Reda, a former OC resident an graduate of Buena Park High School, along with his eating pal Damon "The Omen" Wells of Yorba Linda, ordered the entire menu at a Taco Bell in Glendora. That includes everything from Volcano Nachos to the 7-Layer Burrito to the Chalupa Supreme to the Doritos Locos Taco. They estimate the gargantuan mound of grub to be about 19 pounds, all costing $103.46. 

Naader "Freak8R" Reda
Damon "The Omen" Wells (left) and Naader "Freak8R" Reda.
We won't know exactly how they did until we see the video, which is currently in production. (Spoiler: They're still physically alive.) Stay tuned!   

UPDATE: Ah, well. We didn't really feel like finishing our breakfast anyway. Wreckless Eating has released a video of the men vs. Taco Bell showdown and it's 12 minutes and 20 seconds of gastronomic brutality. Spoiler: There's vomit. I told eater Damon Wells that I have a vomit phobia and he sent me this tweet, assuring me that "it's like killing a spider, scary but satisfying once it's over." I watched the video and ... nope, terrible and disgusting. 

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