Deep End Dining's Eddie Lin Announces YouTube Show Called "Kamikaze Kitchen"


Eddie Lin--the adventurous eater and intrepid writer behind Deep End Dining and Extreme Cuisine, contributor of radio segments on Good Food at KCRW and occasional articles here on this humble rag--has announced a new project called "Kamikaze Kitchen."

It will be a "self-produced" YouTube video series where Lin and Valentino Herrera of Trippy Food "invade restaurants toting a bag with an exotic, mystery ingredient (with the best Noah's ark has to offer)."

"It's up to the skills of the chef to create an edible and unique dish. In every episode, mayhem is sure to rear its ugly head and Eddie and Val test the chefs' talent, patience and tolerance," the series' Facebook site says.

The first episode is set to premiere September 24 on Kamikaze Kitchen's YouTube channel at  Good luck!

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