Seabirds Will Team Up With Clay Oven In September Pop-Up

Stephanie Morgan photo by Kimberly Valenzuela
After the pop-up with Jason Quinn at The Playground tonight, Chef Geeta Bansal of Clay Oven will team up with Jason Quinn's fellow Great Food Truck Race alum, Stephanie Morgan of Seabirds.

The Seabirds-Clay Oven collaboration pop-up will be like an antidote to tonight's pork-a-palooza of Playground one. The focus (of course) will be vegan cuisine. It's scheduled on September 20th, and it will be a 5-course dinner at Chef Bansal's restaurant, The Clay Oven in Irvine. More details when it comes.

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Location Info

Clay Oven Cuisine Of India

15435 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, CA

Category: Restaurant

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