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Anne Marie Panoringan
BBQ bacon from Break of Dawn

Cocktails, glorious cheese, fresh coconut water and swine served 15 different ways. Or as some of us called it, Sunday at Newport Dunes. While we bounced between cocktails and pork, occasionally we remembered to take a photo. Here's a taste of what stopped us in our tracks.

Dee Nguyen's Break of Dawn team offered a duo of delicacies, one being a Mexican chocolate custard topped with a spicy candied bacon. Yet we were salivating over their rosemary braised bacon, which melted the moment we started eating. The nutty mango-napa slaw with spiced peanut refreshed and gave us texture. Scallion ginger puree and pork jus reduction took it over the top.

Bacon chowder from Old Vine Cafe

Despite the heat, there was still a breeze, justifying a stop over at Mark McDonald's Old Vine Cafe soup station. A chili verde pork soup had heat seeking qualities, but we gravitated towards his hearty version of chowder. He adds smoky bacon, stewed pork shoulder and pork sausage. Fried potatoes are a deceiving, but delicious crouton garnish.

Anne Marie Panoringan
Bruschetta a la Pizzeria Ortica

One of our first bites was fried pig ear, courtesy of Pizzeria Mozza. With an unfamiliar chew, we almost skipped over Justin Miller's version. Featuring creamy buffalo mozzarella, arugula pesto and fried pig's ear, our Pizzeria Ortica taste was simply lovely.

Deconstructed taco, courtesy of The Crosby

While most of the plates offered were heavy on our palates, we found a refreshing take over at Aron Harbiger's table. Featuring an underutilized piggy part, buche (pig esophagus) was his meat component in an ode to Santa Ana street tacos.

Four hours, one Portola Coffee Lab gift basket, and many Haven bacon fat cupcakes later, we dragged ourselves home to crawl into a fetal position on our couch. Pork products are banned from our household until next week. Thank you Bobby and Amar for throwing a porktastic gig. The meals were excellent, but the best part was knowing we were contributing to C-CAPS culinary scholarship program.

Haven Gastropub
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