Another "Real Actors Read Yelp" Video Is Up...This One's Also About An OC Venue


Ask, and ye shall receive. We in the food blogging world all willed the production company that's already put out the viral hit "Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews" to come out with more episodes. Now, it has. But with this third and latest installment, I'm noticing something odd.

Though the production company is based in New York, two out of the three Yelp reviews read by its actors are about Orange County venues. By far the most hilarious dramatization was the review of a meal at Tamarind of London in Newport Beach which turned a local Yelper to a "human flamethrower" that "peed out his butt." Now the latest vid is about what happened to a Yelper at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana during their New Year's celebration: the bar allegedly gypped the reviewer out of a few minutes of vodka.

So what's going on here? Are OC Yelp reviewers easier to satire than theirs? Hilarious as they are, how did these stick out among the millions of reviews? This, by the way, is not a complaint. Please, by all means proceed!

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