Torment Your Friends With Postcards That Smell Like What You're Eating

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It's not enough to simply Facebook/tweet/Instagram photos of the latest amazing meal you're having, making your friends pout at the sight of their sad PB&J sandwich. Now you may be able to send over the scent of your food as well. 


Zhu Jingxuan, a student from Donghua University's Fashion & Art Design Institute in China, has come up with a concept device that captures a photo and the aroma of a meal and prints it out onto a postcard. According to Design Taxi, you would simply point the the device at your dish and an internal aroma sensor would "analyze the smell of the food and simulate it by mixing different aroma inks stored in the machine." Food documentation just got a whole lot nerdier. 

Just don't let this thing get into the wrong hands. I can just imagine the postcards that would get sent out: "Wish You Were Here--In the Men's Locker Room."  
The food printer was created as part of Sony's Student Design Workshop

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