Pizza Russian Roulette Is One Hilariously Messed-Up Eating Game

It looks like your typical pizza pie. Nothing out of the ordinary--tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and crust. That is, until one unlucky victim takes a bite.

Pizza Russian Roulette is a game of odds. One slice is loaded with ghost pepper sauce and super-spicy oil. Whoever happens to pick up that slice is guaranteed tears and a rough night in the bathroom. Everyone else: Feel free to point and laugh.  
You can grab a group of friends and play the game at Lucifer's in Los Angeles, as the brave folks at Thrillist did (see below). Or if you happen to have some ghost peppers lying around (you badass, you), you can always make your own. Make sure to have a video camera on hand.  

The Weeklings have already taken on Slater 50/50's "50 Alarm Burger." Perhaps this should be our next challenge!

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there is no way it is 10,000 scoville


police grade pepper spray tops out at 2 million


that guy wasn't sweating or crying. more tellingly, he continued eating


a single habanero (300,000 or so scoville) can ruin an entire pot of food, and this d00d keeps eating without sweating


i call BS. let me make your roulette pizza. i can probably concentrate it down to one bite. but you will be begging for milk for awhile


just search youtube for bhut jolokia


thats what someone looks like when they eat something REALLY HOT. the physiologic signs are undeniable. and that is max 1.5 million on the scoville


your boy is straight up lying about 10 million. my guess is that it is hot, but he is pulling numbers out of the air (beware, several people have died from cardiac incidents after eating bhut jolokia. there is a sane level of heat. one where your tongue still functions. try that)

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