Taco Bell Crime of the Week: DWI in the Drive-Thru

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Sorry for the hiatus of this column, but thankfully, the crimes never stop--especially when you're in a one-stop town like Midland, Texas, where they like to drink and drive and drive while drunk in the drive-thru--and then break a rear-view mirror for good measure.
Roll the tape!

Three people were jailed after an alcohol-related accident occurred at a Midland Taco Bell restaurant, and one of the passengers also was jailed for damaging the other vehicle.

Midland Police report the accident occurred at 2:08 a.m. Sunday at the Taco Bell at 1810 S. Saginaw Road. The accident report states a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix was in the drive-thru line when it was struck from behind by a 2000 Chevy Lumina. The report states the driver of the Lumina, a 46-year-old Midland woman, told police she reached down to pick something up or looked at something before the accident occurred.

After the collision, the passenger of the Pontiac then exited the car, and broke an outside mirror off the Chevy.

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By the way; Midland is Dow Chemical's headquarters, so it's not quite a one-stop town. Saginaw Road alone has about sixteen stop lights. The Miracle Mile, it isn't, but more civilized than you're crediting.


You goofed on the state. That's Midland, Michigan, not Texas. I wish it were Dubya's home town, but it's mine. The bars close at 2AM and the folks must have left and gotten their 4th meals in with a side of bumper-cars.


@OCWeeklyFood thank you for the follow! ;)

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