McDonald's Introduces Lamb Burger; KFC Offers Shrimp Stars; Pizza Hut Creates a Pizza That Squirts

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Depending on how you look at it, the fast food consumers abroad get the best or weirdest stuff from our American chains. 

Over the past few days there was news that Australian McDonald's has introduced a Lamb Burger (seasoned with oregano and rosemary, topped with a fried egg); the Colonel has started offering shrimp nuggets in star shapes in Singapore (along with the fish donuts they've been making since February); and last but not least, Pizza Hut in Malaysia is baking cheese and sauce into their crust so that it squirts.

You have to see the commercials to believe it. See them all below.

The most hilarious commercial is Pizza Hut's. It involves a marriage proposal prompted by pizza ooze. The fish donut commercial is from Thailand, which started selling them over two years ago. And from the Australian McDonald's commercial, notice how "oregano" is pronounced.

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