Japonaise Bakery Reopened! The Cafe, Not Quite

Anne Marie Panoringan

I had a Japanese wax today. What's a Japanese wax? It's a regular brow wax, but it hurts so bad I treat myself to Japonaise pastries when it's over. Seriously.

They shut down the cafe a while back, leaving Cream Pan takeaway while the adjacent space went under remodel. It's been forever, right? Well the wait is over, sort of.

We stopped by this morning to find a role reversal. The takeaway entrance no longer stocked with baked goods, once again bakery equipment storage. We cruised next door just before the proverbial line began to form for their lunch rush. While our strawberry croissants and curry pan were rung up, we inquired if the lunch menu was being served. Her response, "Not yet; maybe in a couple of weeks." The dining area appeared more open, with the oversized wooden booths done away with, and more individual tables and chairs to allow for grouping.

It's been so long since we dined there, we're crossing our fingers for the return of butter soy sauce spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms. Open open open!

Anne Marie Panoringan
Now *that* was a good lunch.

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Japonaise Bakery & Cafe - CLOSED

600 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA

Category: Restaurant

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