Guess Where I Ate; Win Tickets to OC Weekly's Decadence Party THIS FRIDAY!

Categories: Guess Where?

This Friday, OC Weekly will be hosting our annual Decadence party at the Fairmont in Newport Beach. Free food! Hot chicks! Hot guys! Booze! And more!

Tickets go for quite some moolah, but I got TWO tickets for the person who can identify the name of the business that makes these bacon-wrapped hot dogs. The gal who runs it is the subject of a soon-to-be SaFII love letter, but she only sets up outside a couple of bars at the moment. If you're a hipster in Costa Mesa, you'll know who she is.

Gentle readers: what's the name of the business? One guess per comment, and no Weeklings allowed. Now guess, damn you: GUESS!!!

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