Game of Burgers: Fast Food Fiefdom, Second Round!

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This bracket ain't fancy-schmancy, but it's got some great burgers worthy of your stomach space. (And some not-so-great ones.) 

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Five Guys vs. TK's 
Michelle Woo/OC Weekly
Five Guys is tasty. While Gustavo declared the bun to be "too soft," I enjoyed the billowy texture. It has a subtle sweetness, kind of like a King's Hawaiian roll. It does sort of crumple in your hands, which makes eating it a major mess. But hey, if it tastes good, I don't mind the lunch table disaster. 

The patty, though, is another thing. While surprisingly juicy for a standard, well-done fast-food slab, it's way under-seasoned, which is probably why they give you all those extra toppings (not complaining about that!). 

P.S. Those fries, while not part of the judging--oh my goodness, yum! 

Michelle Woo/OC Weekly
TK's is the reverse. The bun is too bread-y (I'm very particular about my meat-to-bread ratio), so I end up peeling bits off as I eat. (Yep, I'm a complete mess.) The patty, however, is awesome. Charred to a slight crisp and seasoned with some addicting secret sauce, it tastes like it's straight off a BBQ grill, not a conveyor belt. The lettuce is always crisp, giving it that extra homemade touch. 

Note: I didn't know we could include cheese on our burgers at the time, which is why it's left out here. 


Next up: In-N-Out vs. Carl's Jr.! 

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