Funny or Die Releases "KFC Loves Gays" Video With John Goodman As The Colonel

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Amidst the boycotts and the "buycotts" of the Chik-fil-A brouhaha, here's some levity courtesy of the always topical Funny or Die

The parody of a 70's era TV commercial, released late last week, has John Goodman as The Colonel in full regalia and has more zingers than a Double Down has sodium. It doesn't let Chik-fil-A, KFC or even Church's Chicken off the hook. 

Goodman's Colonel says that he "prefer(s) to see the world the way (his) hormone-loaded, antibiotically-engineered chickens do: without gender. Or beaks." Touché! This is perhaps Goodman's finest performance since The Big Lebowski.

Note: The Funny Or Die link above might be overwhelmed as it always is when a video of theirs goes viral. Someone has gone and put a lower quality capture on YouTube in the meantime. See it below.

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