Andrew Zimmern Starts His Own Food Truck

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AZ Canteen
Andrew Zimmern already travels around the world for a living--now, he's bringing grub. This month, the delightfully expressive Bizarre Foods host is launching his own food truck, AZ Canteen.   

Don't worry--the menu won't be outrageous as you might expect. No scorpion pancakes or maggot pies. Instead, think oyster and crab gumbo, goat sausage, griddled veal tongue on a toasted bun, crispy pork belly with green papaya salad and Nicaraguan dulce de leche shaved ice.  

"I want to expand the protein choices of Americans with the overarching goal of restoring health and wellness to our food system one plate at a time," Zimmern said in a statement. 

The bright yellow truck will debut on Aug. 25 at the Minnesota State Fair. After that, Zimmern hopes to launch AZ Canteen food trucks in several countries. You can follow its journey on Twitter.  

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Zimmern in the kid we all knew that would eat a dog turd if you paid him a dime!

Now he does it internationally and makes 7 figures!

He disgusts me!

I'd love to see him on a platter with an apple in his mouth!



@twistertruck wish he would come to bay area too..

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