Surfas (AKA Cook's Paradise) to Open in Costa Mesa's SoCo Collection

Dave Lieberman
Surfas, the Culver City paradise that draws food lovers from every corner of the Southland, is opening a second store, right here in Costa Mesa. It'll be located at 3309 Hyland Ave., in the South Coast Collection, across the parking lot from the OC Mart Mix (Portola Coffee, the Cheese Shop, Savory Spice Shop, etc.) and at the south end of the SoCo Farmers Market.

They've already hired staff, according to people working on the building, and as you can see, they've already applied for the liquor license for the attached Surfas Café. They're looking for an early August opening date.

Oh, my poor, aching wallet--it's only going to get worse when they open.

Stay tuned for details as they become available!

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love surfas but i wonder how this would affect local businesses that do kind of the same thing...will be interesting.


Oh Yes!  No more frantic race to Culver City in traffic to get 10 lbs of chocolate right before Christmas!


 Who does kind of the same thing?

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