Stick A Fork In It, Edwin Win First Place at the OC Press Club Awards!

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Edwin and I during a previous award cycle at Alebrije's...

Last week, the OC Weekly slaughtered the Special Olympics known as the OC Press Club, winning 16 awards, nine of them first places--by far, the biggest amount of any publication in OC. Most importantly, your favorite infernal rag's food division won where it mattered--in the food categories!
Edwin won first place for best food criticism--of course he would--while your favorite infernal blog won first place for best food blog, beating out someone who did not take the loss kindly. Since our blog will always beat them and has for the past three out of four years (one year, we didn't enter), I dole out the trophies based on seniority. Edwin has one, and so does Dave; this year, Shuji gets a trophy, and Anne Marie next.

Congrats to us, cabrones!

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JBinOC topcommenter

Btw I was nominated for Best Commenter, but I lost to Juliette Binoche in an upset

JBinOC topcommenter

I just found out who came in second for "Best Food Blog"

(the person who you said did not take the loss kindly). 


Is she really serious? 

For next year's awards, the voters need not look any further than this absolute puff piece of "journalism" which reads like it came verbatim from a press release from  --

or maybe a LOVE LETTER to --



Just when I thought Gustavo couldn't sink any lower, now he lowers the bar yet again by mocking those with special needs.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Damn it.  That pic makes me hungry for Alebrije's. 


CONGRATULATIONS, Edwin...and to the rest of the SAFII team.  Your Jefe can now tell those people to eat crow and bite their tongues.  Looking forward to more great chews and savory bites in the years to come.  Hep Hep Hooray to all of you!

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