Red Robin Introduces Burgers With Ghost Chili Pepper, a.k.a. "The Hottest Pepper In The World"

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Image Courtesy of Red Robin
Red Robin's Fiery Ghost Style

Shortly after the post that I did yesterday about the migration of Red Robin from one Tustin shopping center to another Tustin shopping center went live, I got an e-mail from one of its PR people. She told me that the chain was now also offering two new burgers using the ghost chili pepper, a.k.a. the Naga Bhut Jolokia, a.k.a. "the hottest pepper in the world."

Now I don't normally respond to such e-mails, but because I actually eat at Red Robin and even have one of those loyalty cards that entitles me to a free burger on my birthday, I asked to see pictures (see them above and below). Even more interesting is its claim to be the first national burger chain to use the ghost pepper.

Image Courtesy of Red Robin
Red Robin's Cry Baby Style

Though I can't verify if it is, it does seem to prove that the ghost chili pepper, which knocked around the hipster foodie circles and used too often just as a gimmick, is now a, well, gimmick on the national stage. Care to place your bets on how long before Jack, Ronald, and The King follow suit?

Here's what Red Robin is offering, straight from their lips (these are their words, not mine) to yours.

Fiery Ghost Style - Red Robin has cooked up a new recipe for burger success with this boundary-pushing style sure to have you grabbing the nearest milkshake to cool down. The style's star is a one of the world's hottest chile peppers - the ghost pepper, which teams up with both fresh-cut and fried jalapeños atop pepper jack cheese to round out this tour-de-fire.

Cry Baby Style - Onion-lovers prepare to shed tears of happiness! The Cry Baby Style ups the onion ante by combining crispy onion straws tossed in a unique Sriracha dry seasoning with even more onions sautéed in Cholula Hot Sauce. The one-two punch of crispy and sautéed onions are complimented by pepper jack cheese and a ghost pepper ketchup, warming up taste buds with the unique flavor of the ghost pepper without overwhelming levels of spice.

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Rita K. Healey
Rita K. Healey

Care to place your bets on how long before Jack, Ronald, and The King follow suit?

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

That was going to be my guess. There is no way they're going to put much into it to make it all that hot. They want to sell the damn things and most people don't have a very high tolerance for heat (and no, eating that habanero in high school doesn't make you a hardened chilli head). The Bhut Jolokia's title as world's hottest has actually been usurped by the Trinidad Butch T Scorpian by an Aussie named Neil over at the Hippy Seed Company (I believe it was him). He sells some seriously stellar hot sauces. Seriously heart-attack hot, but with incredible taste as to not make eating it about trying to prove something.

Mohammad Dr-q Qureshi
Mohammad Dr-q Qureshi

Had the Fiery style yesterday for lunch. It has a noticeable kick but is not superhot. I would say it is equivalent to a medium hot in Thai food.

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