Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Speeds into Parking Lot Because He Has to Go to Restroom, Crashes into Restroom, Then Runs Into Restroom!

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Oh, how many times have I slammed on the gas in the desperate search for a restroom because I've had too much water to drink. That said, I make sure to stay on the good side of the law--and, once I pull into a parking lot, I make sure that I park nicely and such.

Someone should pass along that advice to Edward Drozdyk, who had to go to the restroom so bad that he sped into a Taco Bell parking lot...and smashed into the restroom. And then ran into the restroom to relieve himself.
From Queensbury, New York:

A Schroon Lake man smashed into a curb, then a vehicle, and then the Taco Bell restaurant on Upper Glen Street on Saturday because he had a desperate need to relieve himself, police said.

Edward Drozdyk, 57, was moving at a high rate of speed when he pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot shortly after 5:30 p.m. searching for a bathroom, according to Warren County Sheriff's deputies on scene.

He first pulled up too far, jumping the curb surrounding the building. He then reversed and smashed into a late-model Nissan pickup truck parked nearby, before again putting his green minivan into drive and ramming the restaurant, according to witnesses on scene.

Drozdyk was locked in the restaurant's bathroom, the same room that was damaged by the impact, when police arrived.

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