Hot Dog or Hamburger? Get 'em Both Together at Freddy's in Victorville


This can't be a new idea--undoubtedly, the hot dog and hamburger combo has been cooked up by stoners before--but I can't ever recall a fast food chain putting America's two greatest meat products on the same bun.

The restaurant is Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, a Midwest chain whose sole California outpost is in Victorville. We stopped by on the way home from a calorie binge in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, I didn't see this limited-time special--touting two perfectly cooked patties and a Vienna Beef wiener--until after we had ordered.


Turns out, the burger on its own is just fine, and, in my opinion, superior to a lot of other fast food fare out there--even our beloved In-N-Out.

The difference lies is in the crispy sear each super-thin patty receives. The meat develops a sturdy crust on both sides, and simple toppings including raw onions, pickle slabs and yellow mustard balance the beef's saltiness. No special sauce necessary.

Even the fries--little potato matchsticks piled high in a plastic basket--were an impressive side. Thankfully this place is almost 100 miles away, so I can't gorge too easily. 

But I do have a new favorite stop when I'm headed to Sin City and back.

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