Santa Ana's Outstanding Tortilleria Flor de Mexicali to Expand to Garden Grove

Dave Lieberman

Flor de Mexicali, the Santa Ana bakery that makes what may be the very best tortillas in Orange County, is expanding to Garden Grove. The store, which previously was the completely forgettable Eden's Bakery, is located at 12859 Chapman Avenue, in the Vons shopping center at the corner of Haster Street.

Workers at the store said that baking equipment was going in as well as tortilla-making equipment. They did not have an opening date; stay tuned while we get in contact with the owners.

If you want a foretaste, head to the original Flor de Mexicali at 1212 S. Bristol #18 in Santa Ana (corner of McFadden, next to the indoor swap meet). Order a package of tortillas, some carnitas (made the old-fashioned way) and some chicharrón, and have yourself some dinner. Then wait impatiently for the Garden Grove branch to open.

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Flor de Mexicali

1212 S. Bristol St., Santa Ana, CA

Category: Restaurant

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