Chef Kitchen, Some Type of Chinese Restaurant, To Open In Irvine

Edwin Goei

There's already a Chef's Chen and a Liang's Kitchen at the Orange Tree Square Shopping Center (a.k.a. the plaza at the corner of Jeffrey and Walnut with the smaller 99 Ranch in Irvine). Now there will be a "Chef Kitchen," too.

Not much is known about the new restaurant, except that it will be at the corner spot, where I believe there was once a frozen yogurt shop, directly across the parking lot from 101 Noodle Express. For now the windows are still boarded up.

The Chinese characters on the marquee literally translates to "Delicate Busy House," and if I'm mistaken on that, I'm sure our resident linguist Dave will correct me. But it doesn't tell us much.

Will it be Taiwanese, Shanghainese, Szechuan? When we know, you'll know. Check back here for details or clue us in if you should know anything about the place.

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