Bruno's Trattoria To Open In Brea Downtown


When we interviewed Peter Serantoni back in April, he hinted at another concept opening a few doors over from Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen. When we stopped by Farrell's yesterday to check out some ice cream eating competitors, the banner was prominently displayed. Their website states an August opening, an impressive feat if they do open before Labor Day (who really opens when they originally say they will?). With permits and inspections looming, there's always a hurdle to jump..

Named after Serantoni's father, Bruno's menu will feature simple, rustic Italian recipes taught to him by both his Papa and Nonna Maria. We notice that no particular dishes are named, however we might be concerned if pizza was on the menu, since there are two chain concepts already offering the pies at Jojo's and Red Brick across the way.

One more notable item has to do with the wine list. Per Bruno's webiste:

Wine, of course, was served at every meal and intended to be simple, food-friendly and fun. At Bruno's guests will find a broad selection of Italian and California wines built around the belief that cost should not be the deciding factor. Therefore, each glass and bottle of wine shares the same price point to make the selection process simple and encourage guests to be adventurous.

This might actually get us to take a hiatus from beer...

Bruno's Trattoria will be at 210 W. Birch St., Brea; (714) 257-1000;

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Brunos Trattoria

210 W. Birch St., Brea, CA

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