Genius Or Scary? 'Air,' An Alcoholic Beverage That Tastes Like Water

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It's tasteless. It's refreshing. And it's getting you druuuuuuuuuuunk. 

Air, a clear malt beverage in a sleek silver can, uses a patented fermentation process that's supposed to make it as flavorless and odorless as water, according to Gizmodo. This sounds awesome if you: 1) hate the taste of alcohol, 2) want to feel like you're hydrating and 3) don't want Mom or your girlfriend to smell your boozy breath. However, it also sounds pretty terrible if you: 1) are an alcoholic. 

The carbonated drink has 95 calories per can and 4% abv. There are berry and citrus-flavored varieties, too. 

Air will soon be sold in the beer aisle at select supermarkets.

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Realy this drink is only 4% avb. It comes in 16 oz cans. if you were not a you are not a drinker you would still have to drink 48 to 64oz, 1.5 qts to 2qts to get drunk!!!!! This is a gosh darn hangover cure.... Its people like y'all that have ruined set state my famely has lived I in for 160 years



OMG! I can't wait to start drinking again!


On a side note, I ate at Slaters 50/50 in HB yesterday and have had the shits all day today.

Greg Diamond
Greg Diamond

So this not only has some of the "advantages" of Rohypnol, but also allows someone to get someone else drunk without their knowledge before they drive. This makes administering alcohol -- and the health and safety risks attending it -- to other people a bit too easy.

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