German Restaurant Closes In South County; Thai Places Moves In

Meranda Carter

I may have spoken too soon about the lower than usual tally of restaurant closures last month. A comment by left by reader BuggleB on my recent restaurant roll call post indicated that Barth's Continental Cuisine in San Juan Capistrano, one of the few German restaurants in our county, has closed after less than a year in business.

I reviewed Barth's late last year. It was a great restaurant with an even better homemade cheese called quark that was used not just to slather on to their homemade pretzel bread, but also to make their excellent German cheesecake. From a co-worker who went not more than a few months ago, Barth's seemed to have been doing fine (he told me the crowd was so thick he had to wait an hour to be seated), but the word is that Rene Barth and family has since returned to Germany.

The space is being taken over by a new family business: a Thai restaurant named Thai Noodle Company, which specializes in Thai-style sukiyaki.

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Location Info

Thai Noodle Company - CLOSED

27221 Ortega Highway, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Very sad to read this.  I enjoyed my dinner, atmosphere, and warm service from someone who I presume was Mrs. "Barth."  . . Anyone who may be in the mood for schnitzel (or more exotic items like rabbit or venison) and some gracious German-American hospitality, please head over to Jagerhaus on Ball Road, next to the 57 freeway in Anaheim. 

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