Taste Of OC This Weekend At Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

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Ignore the Great Park Balloon. This was the logo they used when they thought it was going to be there.

As I wrote back in February, The Taste of OC returns after what was apparently a 16-year hiatus. The event will be held this weekend at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, starting at noon on Saturday.

Expect to see a few people we've featured here on this blog, including Louis Jocson of Red Table, Greg Daniels from Haven Gastropub/Taco Asylum, Shachi Mehra of Tamarind of London, Pascal Olhats of Pascal Restaurants, and Craig Connole of K'ya Bistro/House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer. 

Tickets cost $25, but if you want VIP access, it will set you back $179. An Ultra Pass will be a whopping $250. For information on what the differences are, visit

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This event was so unorganized and poorly put together.  I really feel for the vendors who probably had to pay a fee to participate. At the end of the day when I went to get a refund for the money I had loaded up with food and drink credits (that I never got to use because the computers and scanners weren't working properly), I was both offended and disgusted by the arrogance of the man that handed me my money as if it were chump change and with no apologies at all. The vendors did great. Food and drinks were awesome and they managed to work around the inconveniences.

Brian Ehrhart
Brian Ehrhart

Total Event fail. $135 groupon VIP ticket wasted. Had to take my wife to dinner after.




Event organizers don't have it together. Just I satisfied hungry people everywhere with no answers. STAY AWAY.

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