TapShack, Self-Serve Beer Bar, Opens In Newport Beach

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As I hinted back in April, a new beer pub called TapShack (a sister of a bigger restaurant called TapHouse planned for Huntington Beach) has now opened in the space left behind by The Arches in Newport Beach. 

The pub operates on a novel self-serve system using electronic key cards. There's also reportedly a room dedicated to video games, with a few XBox and Playstation consoles that can be rented by the half hour so that the parent can sip beer and eat while the kid is presumably preoccupied with killing zombies or leading a platoon through a war zone. 

More importantly, the menu is now also up on their website for your perusal. CLICK HERE to see it.

1617 Westcliff Dr Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 645-2337

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Boy I cant wait to go out and drink with a bunch of video game playing dorks.  What a stupid idea. 


the game room is for the kids...while the parents are watching a sports game on tv, the kids have the option of playing video games.


Any Idea how they plan to handle over consumption without the face to face interaction of a bartender/server? Just curious if they have a plan in place already or just fingers crossed hoping people self regulate....


there is a plan in place...the key only allows a certain amount of beer, before you have to go and see the bartender to have them add more to your key. Therefor the bartender would be able to have face to face interation and make sure they have not had too much to drink.

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