Ron Jeremy Coming to Hi-Time Wine Cellars!

Insert double entendre here.
When our friend at Hi-Time posted a bottle of rum with a label bearing the name and portrait of a certain porn star, we couldn't decide whether it merited a LOL or OMFG comment. We've since blocked out the thought.

Whether you love or loathe Ron Jeremy, mark your calendar for July 9, for that is the fated date of his arrival in Costa Mesa to promote a  7-year-old, Ron de Jeremy "Adult Rum".

There's also a spiced version of Ron crafted by Master Distiller Francisco Fernandez in Panama. The original is noted to have a long, robustly satisfying finish. If we write any further, we'll probably have to start charging.

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Location Info

Hi-Time Wine Cellars

250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

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