Roe Restaurant And Fish Market Opens in Belmont Shore

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Roe Restaurant And Fish Market has opened on Second Street where Naples ends and Belmont Shore begins. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, the seafood eatery, which takes the place formerly occupied by The Dog House and Barry's Beach Shack, boasts a legion of chefs including Cody Requejo (the sushi chef who was previously at The Retreat and Bear Flag Fish Company), but also a promise of sustainability.

The menu offers such things as "Angry" mussels in a tomato red chili broth, fish and chips, fish tacos from a number of species, and most promising of all, dishes using and highlighting actual fish roe.

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Roe Restaurant & Fish Market

5374 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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I LOVE Roe! Best fish tacos around .. i love being able to look at the daily fish board and choose the type of fish for my tacos. Really looking forward to seeing what delicacies come when they open the full dining side! This is exactly what the shore needed... this place won't fail like the others... I'm sure of it!

Edward J. Haskell
Edward J. Haskell

Great article, Edwin. In addition to Cody Requejo, roe also boasts the Executive Chef, Arthur Gonzalez at the helm as well as the talented sous chef, Alex Ruperto behind the line. Worth noting is that both the casual eatery and the fish market are open and offer some of the most unbelievably delicious and sustainable seafood around, whether it's fish to go or badass bisque for lunch. The people are great, the seafood is awesome and roe rocks the Shore. Can you tell I'm a big fan? You betcha. Everyone in Belmont Shore should check 'em out. Thanks!

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