Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Guard Uses Taco Wrappers to Sneak Marijuana into Jail!

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The stereotype of marijuana users loving Taco Bell is one that goes back years--the munchies, the high, 4/20, and all that--but the commercial marriage of the two have yet to happen. But we're getting there. There was the post I did last month about the Denver-area marijuana dispensary housed in a former Taco Bell, and now this: a Indiana jail guard was caught sneak weed into jail using Taco Bell as a front.
From Plainfield, Indiana:

A correctional officer is facing charges after officials said he used Taco Bell wrappers to sneak drugs into the prison.

Travis Paul Wilbur, of Indianapolis, was arrested Wednesday by Correctional Police who oversee Plainfield Correctional Facility. Wilbur was arrested as police said he was trying to sneak narcotics into the facility. They found the drugs in Taco Bell wrappers sealed with black electrical tape and hidden in his lunch box.

Testing of the items in the wrappers indicated they were marijuana and Suboxone, a narcotic. Wilbur faces preliminary charges of possession of marijuana, a Class D felony; trafficking with an inmate, a Class C felony; and dealing in a schedule I, II, or III controlled substance, a Class B felony

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