Mochi Cream, New Dessert Shop, Opens At Mitsuwa Costa Mesa

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MochiCream Japan

The Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa has a new sweet addition to complement its roster of savory food stalls like Santoka and Sky Express. Mochi Cream is a, well, mochi cream, specialist--a dessert that's made by wrapping the sweet, glutinous rice paste called mochi around flavored fillings like red bean.

The parent company hails from Japan and their refrigerated confections bare a resemblance to mochi ice cream, which you may be familiar, except these are meant to be thawed prior to eating.

In all, 25 flavors are offered, including apple pie, Darjeeling, and something called "Orange Cheese." A Mochi Cream has been open at Torrance's Mitsuwa since last summer. Could these chewy confections be the next macarons?

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Location Info

Mitsuwa Marketplace

665 Paularino Ave., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

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